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Towercrane is an easy to use command line tool for keeping your large project files on the cloud. It walks in your project dir, searching for typical file extensions of large files( csv, xlsx, mp4, … ). You can have your large files added to the local DB and then simply move them between your local and cloud. It’s designed to work with AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, and other storage services in the future. towercrane is designed and tested for Linux and macOS.

I used to run out of space on my laptop all the time. Very often it was because of large datasets, video files or other large files in a few of my projects. I found it very frustrating to remove them from my local, only to search for and download them every single time I wanted to run a project again. I wrote towecrane and decided to make it open source for others to contribute to.

Take a look at the code here:



Quick start

You can Install towercrane using pip. when running config there is a choice for using either AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage. You need to have your AWS or Google Cloud CLI authenticated.

(there are links for the authentication guides at the bottom)

pip3 install towercrane
towercrane config

towercrane commands

Start by moving to the root of your project

cd my_project

towercrane scan
towercrane status
towercrane init
towercrane upload
towercrane remove
towercrane download


Your files are zipped locally, and uploaded as objects in a single bucket “towercrane-projects”