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Taha Ashtiani

Searching for EV in the tails.

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Hey! my name is Taha and here I write about my data projects and research.

Projects and research

TowerCrane: Sweep your large files under the rug (S3 and GCS)

Towercrane is an easy to use command line tool for keeping your large project files on the cloud. It walks in your project dir, searching for specific file extensions. You can have your large files added to the local DB and then simply move them between your local and cloud.

Visualizing Spotify Taste

Building a webapp for visualizing spotify audio features, and predicting music genres.

Intergrating Ecommerce shops with Southeast Asian Marketplaces

I started working on this project during the summer of 2019, helping an Australian startup with their mvp. There are many well established E-commerce brands in north america, Europe or Austrialia who would love to access their audience in south-asian markets and sell their products with a premium. But It's very challenging for them. And that is the mission of this project.

Finding Gaps on Amazon

searching for niches with high demand and low quantity and quality of supply. collecting sales data on thousands of niches

Querying Stuff

Walmart Sales

exploring walmart's sales trends, in different states, departments, and categories